* Disclaimer: Observations are relevant at the time of writing this report. Due to the nature of COVID-19, this information may have aged by the time you read this report.

I want to start by acknowledging the tough time our friends and clients are going through right now. Before this, our office door was always open for anyone who wanted to have a chat. Even though we can’t really have a proper chat in person, you can still reach us on 5786 2033. If you want to talk or check in, pick up the phone. We’re here, still working and pushing through the tough times.

I wanted to explain how we are operating, and give an update on what the current restrictions mean for real estate.

Government has time and time again reaffirmed that real estate is an essential service. As a result, restrictions have been supportive of keeping the doors open. The main change has revolved around the numbers or people at inspections. We may conduct private inspections with as few people as possible. We are directed to limit this to 2 people (it may be more for those who regularly reside at the same residence). This is fine for vacant properties, but for properties either tenanted or occupied by their owners, we must respect the wishes of the occupant and ensure that they only leave the house to complete essential activities.

As for how we are running our business, we have had a rotation of work-from-home arrangements minimising the numbers of Integrity staff at each office. But our office hours have not changed, and neither has our availability. In fact we are working to accommodate any client at any time. It is important that we are more flexible at this time.

The world might have changed (for now), but business carries on. We need to support each other through this. That is how we will get to the other side. Support local business, buy local, and make sure you set your eyes on the good days to come. And remember, nothing can replace the benefits of a positive outlook. That will not only be your best defence, but your best gift to the people around you.