This Company Profile might be about us, but we like to think it’s all about you.

Bellarine Property was born on the 1st of March 2011 & every member of our team has had a reputable career in the Real Estate industry at ‘household-name’ agencies. Property is an ever-changing market with the vicissitudes of house prices equalling that of a roller-coaster. We enjoy the ride, but we certainly don’t sit back and relax.

As professional estate agents, we are constantly researching and monitoring local and national property trends so we can deliver the most informed, the most complete and the best-executed sales techniques and marketing solutions.

Whether it’s an investment or a family home, people spend a lot of time and energy to ensure their property is working for them. Not only will we do the work and worry for you, but we’ll turn it into a pleasant and positive process and ultimately reward you with the most desirable outcome.

Bellarine Property is what we like to call a ’boutique’ agency. It isn’t some new buzz-word, just a promise that we will provide familiar, localised service to cater for your individual property needs.